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Soil Extraction Powder

With Mild Citrus Fragrance, Measure 2TBL Spoons per 5 Gallons Water,  A 50# Pound Box Contains 1620 TBL Spoons,  making 4050 to 8100 gallons of extractor solution.


Dealer Price! $149.90 Plus Shipping


Citra-Max  5 gal.

Super Concentrated Orange Cleaner & Degreaser Mix 1/2 to 1 oz with 1 gal. water.  From general purpose pre-cleaning to extreme duty degreasing. Must Rinse Out Thoroughly.


Dealer Price!$149.90 Plus Shipping

100 - Spot & Stain  5 gal.

Super Concentrate Pre-treat, Spots, Stains & Degreaser.  Dilute 1:50 Lightly Soiled, 1:25 Medium Soiled, 1:10 Heavy Soiled


Dealer Price!$69.90   Plus Shipping

Deodorizer/Freshener  5 gal.

Super Concentrated dilute in tank or apply directly. Dilute, 1oz per 15 gal. light odors,  2oz med odors, 4oz heavy odors


Dealer Price!$149.90 Plus Shipping

Super Concentrated Defoamer

Dilute 1:20, Mix 1/4 Gallon with 4.5 gallons warm water, agitate, vacuum up into vacuum hose 1/4 to 1/2 cup per use.


Dealer Price!$69.90   Plus Shipping

400 Stench Wrench  5 gal.

Odor Deodorizer Neutralizer, safely eliminate smoke, pet, food, mildew, mold & other noxious odors easily. Apply directly.


Dealer Price!$66.90   Plus Shipping


Brightens Polished Anodized, Coated and Painted Aluminum, Glass, Chrome and Stainless Steel. Dilute 1:80 to 1:120 as a pre-soak, for brightening & cleaning dilute 1:1 and apply directly, rinse off.


Dealer Price!$139.90 Plus Shipping

Max-Tire and Wheel Prep

Brightens Whitewalls and Raised Letters, Cleans Aluminum, Chrome, & Painted Wheels, Helps Penetrate and Loosen and Dissolve Oily Soils, Safe on Aluminum, Biodegradable. Dilute 1:8.


Dealer Price!$99.90   Plus Shipping

Max-Suds Cherry Car Wash Soap Kit

Penetrates and Lifts Soil, Cherry Scented, Helps Loosen and Float Away Road Grime, Keeps Brushes and Cloths Clean, Excellent Foaming in Hot./Cold Water, Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe Use approximately 1/6 -1/3oz per gal (384:1 to 768:1) through foam generators.



Dealer Price!$139.90 Plus Shipping


Removes road film from painted and metal surfaces. Cleans and brightens aluminum and stainless steel. Fast Acting. Free Rinsing. Biodegradable. Highly concentrated! Dilute with water before using. 1:2 for heavy cleaning and brightening stainless steel and chrome wheels. 1:5 for medium cleaning and brightening. 1:30-1:120 for regular cleaning and brightening* Apply from the bottom up; rinse from the top down. DO NOT use on glass, polished aluminum, or anodized aluminum, or coated wheels.



Dealer Price! $139.90 Plus Shipping

Max-Car Wash N Wax Combination

A combined car wash and rinsing agent. Excellent cleaner for moderate soils in high pressure applications, Ideal for light duty car lot cleaning, Excellent water remover where no dryers are used. Helps reduce water spotting and reduces hard water film deposits. Dilutes 1:128 for Hi-Pressure Washing.



Dealer Price!$139.90 Plus Shipping