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What You Need To Succeed

Our Auto, Truck, Rv and Boat Dealers all agree that when they are getting business their competitors aren’t.


(What’s their secret? “Hyper Vorticity”)


What You Need To Succeed?


Heat-- Without heat all you have is a cold water rinse.  Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish physicist and 1903 Nobel Prize Winner In Chemistry, determined that for every 18ºF increase in water temperature over 118ºF, the amount of energy released doubles (commonly referred to as the Arrhenius Equation). In effect, this means that for every 18ºF the cleaning solution is heated over 118ºF, the effectiveness of the cleaning process doubles. A simple test in your sink with a greasy plastic bowl will quickly validate the value of hot water in cleaning.

Power-- Unless you have the power of Hyper Vorticity (heat under pressure, high water lift and air flow) you can’t remove all the liquid that a cleaning systems produce which creates the perfect environment for Mold, Mildew and Odors to grow.


Design-- If the design isn't right, you will spend additional money on labor, inefficiency takes up valuable time. Our usability, durability and serviceability are also time savers that reduce labor cost and increasing your profits.


Quality-- Experience has  taught us that the least expensive piece of equipment is the one  that lasts. Replacement, repair, and inefficiency are all very expensive.  If you do it right you don’t have to do it over.


Performance-- Our exclusive Hyper Vorticity improves efficiency, speeds the cleaning process, and always provides you the results that you need. Technically, at higher temperatures, the probability that two molecules will collide is higher. The higher collision rate results in a higher kinetic energy, which has an effect on the activation energy of the reaction.    


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