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Over 50 years ago when we started in  the vacuum business, we realized that quality performance and durability were the keys to manufacturing success .  Experience has also taught us that service is essential to retaining business.


Over the past seventeen years that we have specialized in Automotive Interior Reconditioning we have found a market that demands more from a machine than any other.


Max Industrial the home of the “Triple Vacuum” offers you more variety than any other distributors because we are able to produce over 450 different combinations of extractors.  That is 450 different prices, qualities and performances.


While most companies only carry extractors as a side line business , we specialize in them.  By testing different combinations in the field, we have been able to produce equipment that will stand the test of time.


Max Industrial’s exclusive Hyper Vorticity also gives performance that you won’t find .  The combination of progressive turbine technology, heat, pressure and nozzle geometry, produce slot velocities that put the power of a hurricane right in your hand.


Because you measure our chemicals with a teaspoon instead of a measuring cups, a small order of cleaner will last a very long time. Immediate savings from using our super concentrated chemicals and our durable machines makes Max Industrial your best choice for cleaning equipment.

Home of the Triple Vacuum

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Call us today to see if you qualify for Wholesale Pricing.Call us today to see if you qualify for Wholesale Pricing.